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Our Story

VI&MIKI is inspired and named after two little humans: 
Violet and Mikaela, whose mommies just so happen to be sisters. 


If you asked me 2 years ago what my future plans were, well there was a lot of things I wanted to do, but  know for sure having

 a baby boutique was far beyond my thoughts. Life’s plans changed when I found out I was pregnant, and just when I think things can’t be more exciting... Well, my sister finds out she’s pregnant too! Trust me when I say that none of this was planned. Micah & her husband went through the whole infertility works being told that in vitro fertilization would be their only chance of having a baby. God obviously had other plans! He was like nope, you sisters are getting pregnant together! Oh, and you’re also BOTH HAVING GIRLS!! 


The fun part about having a baby girl is obviously dressing them in the cutest little outfits and pretty hair accessories. The down part is living on this beautiful little island that people don’t like to ship to or charge you a million dollars for shipping, and when you do find that one place that will ship.... Well, you receive your order in about a month. Okay, 2 weeks if you’re lucky. We did that. And we waited.. And waited... And basically lived at the post office.
We know we are not the only moms on Guam suffering from this. 


Long story short, VI&MIKI is here to serve you beautiful people of Guam. Who wants to wait forever for cute, modern, quality and most of all affordable fashion products for their little humans

when you can get it right here on our beautiful island. We are looking forward to seeing all

your little humans looking cuter than ever in our pieces!!! 


with love, 

Camilla Manibusan